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Data Mining

Data Mining comes from the learning path of Data Analysis & Information Technology Management & Computational Statistics . The learning path of Data Mining integrates concepts of Supervised Learning & Unsupervised Learning which you should dive into.
The Data Mining path can be specialized into Text Mining & Business Analytics & Dimensionality Reduction .

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You work from module to module. In each module you'll find resources containing:

1. Information

2. Educational content

3. Places to exchange infos

4. Applications, Tools

( 5. Entertaining content )

After studying a resource, you check it.

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Statistical classification


Cluster Analysis


Guide to data mining Textbook




Bias-variance tradeoff


K means clustering Method


Curse of dimensionality


Scikit-Learn Software libray




Principal component analysis Technique


Decision tree


Association rule learning


Data Science For Business, What You Need to Know about Data Mining Non-fictional




Data Mining with Weka


Data Mining Concepts and Techniques Non-fictional


Konwledge Discovery in Databases Techniken und Anwendungen Non-fictional


Weko 3