Behavioural Science

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Behavioural Science

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    This How it Works

    You go station by station. In each station you'll find resources containing:

    1. Information

    2. Educational content

    3. Places to exchange infos

    4. Applications, Tools

    ( 5. Entertaining content )

    After studying a resource, you check it.

    Between stations, sometimes there are learning paths. They need to be studied as well as they pose a qualification for upcoming content.

    After finishing this learning path, you can specialize further or apply what you learned in another learning path.

    Learning Path




    BJ Fogg's Behavior Model Framework


    Test+Build Web Application




    Cognitive behavioral therapy


    Psychologists off the clock Interviews


    Fogg Behavior Grid Framework




    Behavioural Design Stories


    Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst Non-Fiction


    Nir and far Articles


    Behavioral Economics Group Group


    The European Nudging Network Database




    The Undoing Project


    Journal of Behavioural Decision Making Journal