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  • Open Culture Platform

    Free educational, cultural media

  • 42courses MOOC

  • Thegreatcoursesplus

  • coursera Platform

    1,000 online courses and specializations in various fields, partners with 140 of the universities and education institutions

  • Udemy Platform

    Over 130,000 online courses in topics from programming and data science to leadership and team building

  • Savvy Web Application

    personal lessons with teachers, live, one-to-one video

  • Brilliant Web Application

    Exercises in math, science, and computer science with interactive explorations

  • CourseBuffet Search Engine

    Online course catalog, classification system, degree paths


  • Kadenze

    Curated Programs will help you become a Specialist in a specific subject and develop the skills you need to transform your career or prepare you for your studies


  • Andrew Ng Professor


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