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  • Exploring Economics Portal

    Overview, fields of economics

    Videos, articles, radio contributions, interviews, archives, list of online-courses


  • Arrival Guide

    German society, rules, your rights, Asylum, apprenticeship, job, learn German


  • Refugees Welcome Map Visualization

    Portal, showcase of initiatives on map, sport, culture, language


  • DeepLearning.TV Visualizations

    How To?s, reviews of software libraries, applications, interviews


  • Psychology Today Magazine

    psychologists, academics, psychiatrists and writers to contribute their thoughts and ideas

    Sussex Publishers, LLC


  • Dorsch online Database


    Hogrefe AG


  • The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy Search Engine

    Scholars, peer-reviewed information, topics, philosophers


  • Engineering First Principles

    training and forums, types of engineering

    L Seal J O'Neill  

  • OnlineMarketing.de Portal

    Database, service providers, encyclopedia

    News, events


  • CloudComputing Insider Portal

    News, insights, marketplace


  • Adweek Portal

    Global advertising, accounts in review, and new campaigns

    News, events, webinars


  • AI Today Portal

    facts, learning, library

    Articles, news


  • The History of Economic Thought Portal

    Alphabetic index, schools of thought


  • behavioraleconomics.com Portal

    Behavioral theories, research, and applications

    Blog, jobs, events, resources, web-links, ebook, encyclopedia


  • Handbook Germany Portal

    Basic knowledge on live, learn, work, asylum, rights and laws in Germany

    videos, events


  • ArchDaily Portal

    Projects, competitions

    news, articles, interviews, events


  • studienwahl.de Portal



  • Ultiworld

    news media site dedicated to the sport of ultimate. From in-depth reporting to video highlights, we strive to bring you the most interesting and important stories from around the globe. Our website delivers a running stream of news, analysis, and commentary, punctuated by video features, recaps, and more from games and tournaments.

    News, forums, podcast


  • Unsplash Database

    free photos, community


  • Capterra Comparison portal

    online resource for business software buyers


  • Biznar Search engine

    business research database

    Deep Web Technologies


  • Statista Portal

    Reports, infographics, aggregate, economic data


  • Sein und Streit Talk

    Deutschlandfunk Kultur


  • Gesetze im Internet search engine

    database, Bundesministerium der Justiz und fuer Verbraucherschutz


  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Search Engine

    Scholars, up-to-date, experts


  • DaFont Database

    Archive of free fonts, downloads


  • Dezeen Magazine

    Articles, jobs


  • Mother List


  • spielverlagerung.de

    match analysis, tactics, coach, players, Bundesliga


  • Phrasenmaeher interviews

    Bundesliga coaches



  • The Science of Social Media Stories

    Insights, experimentation, learning, marketing



  • DoItYourself.com

    Instructions, home improvement, home repair


  • gofeminin Articles

    videos, advices, guides, news


  • Adbrands.net Portal


  • Philosophize This!

    Frankfurt School, structuralism, mythology, blog, literature

    Stephen West   

  • Euro Hockey League Portal

    Competition, matches, clubs

    news, tickets, videos


  • Germany Goes Raw Portal

    physicians, physicians

    events, shops, literature ,videos, news


  • Online-Fitnessstudios.com Portal

    Comparisons, reviews, tests



  • netmoms Portal

    Network, pregancy, kids, babies



  • Markus Koch Insights

    wall street


    Markus Koch   

  • Gardenista Guide

    Outdoor spaces, design ideas


  • abi Portal

    up-to-date answers to questions concerning studies, vocational training and the professions


  • Make it in Germany Portal

    Working, living, VISA, career options, information and communications material


  • SODIS Content Pool Database

    Open Educational Resources

    FWU Institut f?r Film und Bild


  • Migration Hub Network Portal

    Global network of organisations working in the field of migration, asylum and refugee integration, hubs, projects, events, blog


  • Welcome Center Germany Portal

    visas & permits, living, business, studying, learning German, insurance, lifestyle



  • Behavioural Design Stories

    changing behaviour, increasing revenues and reducing costs


    Anand Damani Mayur Tekchandaney  

  • Script to Screen

    Movie scenes, script


  • Europeana Portal

    Explore 58,246,046 artworks, artefacts, books, films and music from European museums, galleries, libraries and archives


  • MeineUni.de Portal

    Study programs, university, assement, information


  • transfermarkt Portal

    footballing information, statistics, news, Axel Springer


  • Welcome App Germany Guide

    Information, orientation, integration, your city


  • EnviroNar Search Engine



  • Refworld Database

    Refugee status, reports, countries of origin, policy documents, positions


  • MusicBrainz Database

    Encyclopedia, music identification, information about artists, their recorded works, and the relationships between them


  • Planet Beruf Portal

    Career choice, orientation

    News, links


  • Internet Archive Database

    Library, free books, movies, software, music, websites


  • Allgemeine Hotel- und Gastronomie-Zeitung Magazine

    Hotel business, suppliers

    Shop, job listings, newsletter

    Matthaes Verlag


  • Artcyclopedia Database

    Artists, artwork, museums, news, articles


  • PitchBook Data Database

    commentary, analysis, events, trends, software


  • Germanculture Portal

    Learn German, Famous Germans, German Holidays, Cuisine How To In Germany, Daily Life German Facts, German Traditions, German History, German Recipes



  • G-wie-Gastro.de Portal

    Employees, marketing, management


    Oliver Schlupp   

  • DJ Mag Magazine

    Articles on clubs, music, artists

    News, video, events, Top 100 DJs, Top 100 Clubs, shop


  • Patch of Land

    Crowdfunding, peer-to-peer


  • vifabio Portal

    Virtual Catalogue, Internet Guide, E-Journals Databases vifabioDOC Digital Collections Congress Calendar


  • DailyArt


  • Handelsregister



  • Legal Tribune Online

    magazine, jobs, companies


  • juris

    neutral information, portal


  • Netzsieger Comparison portal


  • bookmyshow

    Big tree entertainment


  • Turo

    car rental


  • Der Theaterpodcast Talk

    Debates around the theatre and its makers, about art and the business

    Deutschlandfunk Kultur

    Susanne Burkhardt Elena Philipp  

  • Moviepilot Comparison portal


  • Core77

    discussion, jobs, calendar


  • Private Communities Registry, Inc. Database

    Gated community, retirement, golf community


  • Foia search engine

    Max Galka


  • 42Floors Inc. Database



  • Talently job portal


  • Big history project

    bill gates, free, courses


  • lumosity


  • GoogleFlights Search engine


  • Zambian Music Blog

    news, videos


  • Eurostat Database

    Statistics, news, publications


  • Lonely Planet Search engine

    Destinations, information, video, articles, news


  • Journal of Sports Science and Medicine Database

    electrical journal, publishing research, review articles


  • Splyce

    broadcast finding service


  • Mednar Search engine

    Search of authoritative public, deep web resources, navigation tools, save results


  • TheScore Esports



  • CourseBuffet Search Engine

    Online course catalog, classification system, degree paths


  • ArtoftheTitle Search Engine

    Examples of opening titles for film, video, games and entertainment


  • Edgar F. Codd Computer Scientist

    invented the relational model for database management, the theoretical basis for relational databases and relational database management systems



  • python Programming language


    Downloads, guide, events, news, jobs

    Python Software Foundation?


  • Aviation Week

    multi-channel service provider, decision engine and marketplace, with deep databases and integrated workflow tools


  • Yandex search engine


  • Bloggerei.de Database

    Directory, German blogs


  • European Commission

    poltical news, information, media


  • Gartenjournal Database

    Infos, tips, forum, plants, cultivation, harvest


  • Logineo



  • arXiv.org Database

    Open access, e-prints


  • Dwell


  • eng-tips.com Forum


  • eng-tips.com Forum


  • TheDorf


  • smava comparison portal

    smava GmbH


  • Trustpilot comparison portal


  • CXO Transform

    Email Newsletter, platform


  • Lovely Package

    Harry Wakefield   

  • Swissmiss

    Tina Roth   

  • Worldometers Visualization

    Current numbers of population, health and other


  • Schreibsuchti Articles


    Walter Epp   

  • Sam Altman Columns



  • Model-view-controller Concept

    divides an application into three interconnected parts


  • The GO Blog


  • IUCN Red List of Threatened Species Database

    Inventory of the global conservation status of biological species


  • Feld Thoughts

    Foundry Group

    Brad Feld   

  • The Vane

    Interesting weather happenings


  • androiduiux

    user interface, user experience

    email newsletter


  • Cyril Mottier


  • Android Developers Blog

    official blog


  • Romain Guy


  • Coding Horror

    Jeff Atwood   

  • Paul Graham


  • igvita.com


  • Joel on software

    Joel Spolsky   

  • PHPCluster


  • Cocoa


  • iOS Dev Weekly

    email newsletter



    Wei Wang   

  • Above the Law News

    Insights about the professions most colorful personalities and powerful institutions, as well as original commentary on breaking legal developments


  • Destructoid



  • Netzpolitik



  • ReadWrite




  • aerospaceengineeringblog.com

    Bristol Composites Institute

    Rainer Groh   

  • Above the Crowd

    Market Trends

    Bill Gurley   

  • Haystack


  • BerlinVC.

    Ciaran O'Leary   

  • Tom Bartel

    Thoughts on software engineering and engineering management


  • BlogAgrar

    Issues around agriculture, nature and consumer protection


  • Der Bank Blog Column


    Dr. Hansjoerg Leichsenring   

  • MOOF News

    Releases, music, arts, culture


  • FinanceProfessor.com

    American, Capital Budgeting, Capital Structure, Agency Costs, Corporate Governance,Executive Compensation, Derivatives

    news, scientific papers


  • Sports economics Essays

    commentary to issues in the news, economic thinking to sports



  • Popcast Critics

    music criticism, trends and news

    New York Times


  • Eine Stunde Liebe Discussions

    Deutschalnd Funk


  • Radfunk Guests

    Advices, life hacks



  • Rohspirit



  • Morerawfood

    recipes, videos


  • Vegan Queens Interviews

    Chats with female entrepreneurs

    Sophia Hoffmann


  • Raw Food Kitchen

    recipes, literature, workshop


  • Perfection Kills

    Exploring javascript


  • Android Police News

    news, app, game reviews, upcoming phones and devices, tips,tutorials, and videos


  • The Clyde Fitch Report

    Nexus of arts and politics, forum, music, dance, theatre, film, tv


  • The PodcastMotor Show Interviews



  • Carla King

    Stories, inspiration



  • bleistiftrocker.de Articles

    news, reviews, critics, interviews


  • Tracklist Articles


    news, interviews


  • Callaway Golf Podcast Interviews



  • Expertenforum Arbeitsrecht Articles




  • Expatfocuspodcast Podcast


  • Der Pabstblog

    Insights of a lawyer


  • Justiz-und-Recht

    literature, web-links


  • RideFast Articles



  • Coincierge Articles


    videos, news


  • Darknetdiaries Stories


  • BuchAviso Articles


  • Ist das normal?

    Questions all around sex



  • Hotnewhiphop Portal


  • Mr. doob


    Ricardo Cabello   

  • Forbes: Bob Evans columns



  • The Guardian's Music Podcast

    Music culture, guests

    The Guardian


  • iGaming Business Portal

    Online gambling

    News, events


  • MIT Technology Review magazine

    Articles, videos, news, events, rankings


  • HEPATOLOGY Podcast

    latest research findings for hepatology and surgery of the liver

    Amercian Association for the Study of Liver Disease


  • Apple Developer Portal

    Insights, tools, support


  • Clinical Liver Disease

    Current, clinically relevant information through educational interventions

    Amercian Association for the Study of Liver Disease


  • The Berrics Portal

    skateboard videos

    Eric Koston Steve Berra  

  • LoveDesigns

    Living spaces, furniture, lamps

    Benjamin Oeckl   

  • Carla King

    Stories, news, inspiration

    Carla King   

  • Fahrradio

    Information, music, build, repair bikes

    Gebr?der Dorsch


  • kicker Podcast - alles aus der Welt des Fussballs

    Summary, insights, German League, Champions League

    Kicker Magazin


  • crowdfunding.de Portal



  • MooMooCoo Articles

    investment, savings strategy, stock portfolio


  • Colossal Articles

    fine art, crafts, animation, street art, illustration, architecture



  • Concerning AI

    thoughts, philosophy, society

    Ted Sarvata Brandon Sanders  

  • Partially Derivative



  • Familienbetrieb Stories

    Christian Hanne   

  • www.bist-du-chris.de Portal

    Hepatitis C, information, physician finder


  • Johnnys Papablog Articles


  • HerPaperRoute Guide

    Tips, monetization, marketing strategy


  • Belletristik Couch



  • Caschys Blog Articles


  • Roger Federer Athlete


  • Microeconomic Insights Articles

    Summaries of high quality microeconomic research, development, health economics, environmental economics, international trade, public finance, industrial organisation, labour economics


  • Tiger Woods Athlete


  • Ingo Froboese Author


  • basketball.de Portal

    stats, media, games, BBL, NBA



  • cecu.de Portal

    calculator, Private health insurance, retirement insurance, energy


  • ScienceBlogs Aggregator

    Physics, life, humanities, politics, environment, education, technology, medicine


  • Electronics360 Portal

    News, articles


  • Humans of New York Articles



  • Testspiel Portal


  • Hockeyplatz Portal

    German league



  • Exploristic Articles



  • Musikanalyse Columns



  • Motorsport-magazin Portal

    Stats, Formula 1



  • sport1 Portal




  • Adventures in NI Columns

    Joanna Bryson   

  • Entertainweb Portal

    Games, Film, TV series, music, interviews, clips


  • Finanzen.net Portal


  • Meinschoenergarten Portal

    articles, forum


  • Laptop study Guide

    Students, tips, 10 best


  • Gesuender.net Portal



  • Matt Risinger Portal

    Building Science & Fine Craftsmanship


  • The Data Visualization Catalogue Portal

    Library of different visiualization types, tools


  • Charlie Rose Interviews

    Actors, musicians, politicians, executives, celebrities

    Charlie Rose   

  • Cordula Nussbaum - Zeit f?rs Leben Portal


    literature, media


  • LeBron James Sport


  • Angeln.de Wiki

    community, magazine

    news, community, forum, magazine, videos


  • Life in Duesseldorf Articles

    Eating, playing, living, learning, working, neighborhoods


  • Frankfurt Expat Articles

    Costs, daily life, food, housing, language, leisure, social life



  • City Starlings Tips

    Food, culture, shopping, stories


  • All About Berlin Guide

    Official documents, daily life, working, living, visiting


  • Expats blog Collection

    Blogs in cities worldwide


  • GeeksForGeeks Portal


  • 30 Jobs in der Zukunft Story


  • Green Building Advisor Portal

    Designing, building, remodeling energy-efficient, sustainable, and healthy homes,blogs


  • Searchmetrics Articles

    Studies, statistics and trends


  • Serious eats


  • BetterDoc Service

    Medical expert referrals


  • Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst Non-Fiction

    Robert M. Sapolsky   

  • Ransom Note


  • Really Good Emails Showcase

    email design, community


  • Computerphile

    Brady Haran    

  • Made With React Showcase

    collection of websites and applications


  • Numberphile

    numbers, Brady Haran

    Brady Haran    

  • cologne.de Portal

    culture, business



  • MIT Venture Capital & Innovation

    TED-style talks and fireside chats on the most pressing issues of the day

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology


  • Toytown Germany Portal


  • euronews Portal

    world, business, sport, culture, style, sci-tech, travel

    Video, News


  • PBS Eons


  • Blockchain Portal


  • ASP.net Documentation Portal

    Introduction, exercises, video courses


  • NerdWallet blog

    advices, banks and insurance, tools


  • DatPiff Portal


  • The Science of Sport Portal

    concepts and insights


  • Imobiliariaalmirante Search engine



  • RentHop Search Engine

    database, apartments


  • Rausgegangen Guide



  • Blogseminar



  • Academics Search Engine

    Job vacancies


  • Sportjobs Search Engine

    Job listings


  • Pschyrembel Online Database

    Dictionary, search engine, medical terms, indexes, disease taxonomy, mobile app


  • Scopus Database

    Author, overview of the world's research output


  • Blubrry Database

    Directory, hosting, statistics, plugin


  • OldVersion.com Database

    Free software downloads for old versions of programs, drivers, games


  • speisekarte.de Database

    menu listings

    united vertical media GmbH


  • Marktforschung Portal



    Smart News Fachverlag GmbH


  • VCLcomponents Database

    Component libraries


  • Lisa's Closeup Articles

    Inspiration, tips, travels, food, recipes, season Calendar Fruit & Vegetables, DIY, interior


  • Berufe.tv Video portal

    training, studies, work and careers



  • Wortwuchs Database

    Literature encyclopedia, grammar, spelling


  • Chessdb Database


  • Rapidapi Database

    API marketplace


  • AMECO Database

    Annual, analysis and reports, European Commission's Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs


  • MLS.com Database

    Real estate located all across the USA, for Real Estate firms, Mortgage firms, Insurance companies and other real estate related entities


  • Berufenet Database

    training and job descriptions, Bundesagentur fuer Arbeit


  • FIDE Ratings Database


  • GastroHero Interviews

    Videos and content on the subject of professional gastronomy

    GastroHero GmbH


  • Mr Duesseldorf Portal

    Eating, drinking, nightlife, shopping, explore

    Articles, events, bonus-card, shop

    Timo Beck   

  • HSBC Zertifikate

    Technical analyses of various financial markets, stocks, currencies, foreign exchange and commodities


    J?rg Scherer   

  • Trivago Meta search engine



  • digidip Meta-network

    Affliate, publisher, influencer


  • Gastro Rockstar Interviews

    Business person, experts, start ups, menables restaurateurs, to become more successful and independent - with important impulses, transferable ideas and practical tips.

    Hung Tieu   

  • WikiPedalia Wiki

    Encyclopedia, technical knowledge, bikes


  • Entrepreneur Media

    Entrepreneur Media, Inc.


  • ForSaleByOwner.com Corp.

    For Sale by Owner, database


  • TheSquareFoot

    Office Space for rent


  • 99acres


  • WikiTravel

    travel guide


  • Zynga Inc.

    social games


  • Craigslist

    services, local marketplace, local business


  • DB engine Ranking


  • Wiehl



  • LiveEdu.

    education, live


  • Start to play around with

  • Colaboratory Web application

    Jupyter notebook environment execute code, save and share analyses, from your browser



  • Varvy



  • Nuernberg

    Canvanizer Web application

    Create your visual business model or SWOT model with Canvanizer, business brainstorming blackboard, modelling tools

    Blog, weblinks


  • Stitcher Database

    Radio shows, podcast


  • Business Model Gallery

    world best companies business models, related info, workshops


  • Mettmann

    hockeyvideos.de Web Application

    Livestream, German league

    videos, news


  • Project Jupyter IDE

    Community, documentation, blog

    Open Source


  • Audacity

    Multi-track audio editor and recorder

    Open source


  • Koeln

    DeepL Web Application

    translation, English French Spanish Italian Dutch Polish


  • Rome

    Coolors Web Application

    Color schemes generator


  • bpmn.io Web Application

    BPMN, CMMN, DMN, viewer, editor


  • Tailorbrands Web Application


  • Brighton


    Analytics, Audiences


  • 0

    Moodswing social network

    Share real emotions community of like minded people who are open about their feelings and welcome emotional expression.


  • Pittsburg


    Freemium, language-learning platform, web application, 23 languages, digital language proficiency assessment exam


  • Google Earth

    Map, cities


  • San Diego

    RealAge service

    App, Sharecare


  • Walldorf

    SAP SE

    CRM, cloud, on-premises, ERP



  • Wolfram Alpha Web Application

    answers factual queries directly by computing the answer from externally sourced "curated data"


  • Visio

    diagramming and vector graphics



  • ProCoach

    For coaches, dashboard, platform, mobile app

    Precision Nutrition


  • New York

    Thomson Reuters


  • Mountain View


    DNA Genetic Testing & Analysis



  • Koeln

    LeberTest.de Web Application

    Questionary, testing for liver diseases


  • Siganvio

    web-based business process modeling tool


  • MyHeritage Web Application

    Genealogy, family tree, map


  • Relational Database Management Systems Software system

    Storage of information in databases used for financial records, manufacturing and logistical information, personnel data


  • Bootstrap Software-framework

    Twitter inc.


  • buzer.de

    Legal norm documentation, website, german law, federal law


  • Berlin


    Tips, tax form, ELSTER interface


  • Thomann Online retail shop

    Instruments, studio-, light- and sound technology


  • hockeyshop.de Products

    Sticks, shoes, equipment, protective gears


  • Berlin


    Art managament software, artwork database, inventory


  • Libgen.pw Search engine

    Free online library


  • Berlin

    Therap.io Assistent

    therapeutic content


  • Strava Social Network

    Cyclist, runners, community, tracking, sharing, fitness activities


  • Darmstadt

    Software AG AG

    business infrastructure software



  • Shazam Tool

    Recognizing songs, title, interpret


  • Birsfelden

    Vitra AG

    Designers, manufacturing

    Magazine, museum

    Vitra International AG


  • NTS radio Web Application

    broadcasting live from London, Manchester, Los Angeles

    Radio, video, events, guests


  • Designapp.io Web Application

    Create logo using materials, text and drawing tools. Platform to sell logos


  • MyFitnessPal



  • Munich

    TalentRocket Web Application

    Job portal, schools, 1-click application


  • Hinge

    dating through friends


  • Selfapy Online courses

    Cognitive behavioral therapy

    Test, free first consultation


  • Munich

    Radio 80000 Web Application

    Daily radio shows, 80 hosts, every genre


  • ottonova

    Private insurance, full coverage for EU citizens, complements, personal concierge


  • London

    Babylon Health

    Web application, virtual consultations with doctors and health care professionals via?text?and?video messaging


  • Barcelona

    MultiPro Holding

    Technical solutions to design, produce, distribute audiovisual or multi-channel projects



  • San Francisco



  • Amazon Web Services Holding

    PaaS, IaaS, compute, database, networking, analytics



  • San Francisco

    CloudFlare SaaS

    Website performance, DDoS protection, DNS service


  • San Francisco



  • Microsoft Azure Holding

    PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, compute, database, mobile, storage, IoT



  • SolarWalk


  • Seattle

    Amazon Game Studios Holding

    developer, publisher



  • Foursquare


  • Gong SaaS

    B2B, conversation intelligence technology, phone calls, web conferences, emails


  • Houseparty


  • many offices

    Interbrand, Omnicom Group Inc.




  • Idagio


  • Sunnyvale

    CrowdStrike Inc.


  • London


    A mobile savings and investment app that allows users to combine their digital replacement change into a Stock & Shares ISA.

    Digital Moneybox Limited


  • Little Rock

    Acxiom Inc.



  • Act-On Software Inc.

    SaaS, Platform


  • Xcode IDE

    Integrated Development Environment, Apple


  • Pittsburgh

    Libsyn Network

    Podcast hosting

    Blog, News

    Liberated Syndication


  • San Francisco

    Scribd Inc.

    App, Webportal, audiobooks, magazines, documents, news


  • Redwood City

    Equinix Inc.

    Jay Adelson


  • Last.fm


  • Apache Kafka Middleware

    Message stream processing, broker, real-time data feeds

    Apache Soft


  • Boston

    Cohealo Inc.

    Cloud-based platform, supporting logistics capabilities, and analytics



  • Salt Lake City

    Project Gutenberg Database

    Free books, free kindle books (not from Germany accessible)


  • PlanRadar Mobile App

    documentation, task & defect management

    PlanRadar G


  • Sunnyvale

    NetApp Inc.

    hybrid cloud data services



  • Los Angeles



  • Crem Solutions NEMETSCHEK



  • Old Lyme

    Ocean Exploration Trust Inc.

    scientific exploration of the seafloor, expeditions, education, events, live video, audio, data feeds



  • Hiphop Virtual Machine Open Source

    just-in-time (JIT) compilation

    Virtual Machine


  • Cary

    Epic Games Inc.

    Game engine technology, Unreal Engine, games as a service



  • CleverReach SaaS

    targeted marketing campaign expertise, free newsletter



  • San Mateo

    Zuora Inc.

    automate billing, commerce, finance operations



  • Koeln

    Xovi service

    Free test


  • Close.io SaaS

    inside sales CRM of choice for startups and SMBs, sales communication, email, phone



  • Berlin

    JOB AD PARTNER service

    Human ressource marketing & multiposting


  • Google Cloud Platform Inc.

    Compute Engine, storage, app


  • Buffer SaaS

    Freemium, manage social media accounts


  • New York

    CAF Worldwide Inc.

    Supply chain solutions



  • Outreach SaaS

    Automation, customer engagement platform


  • USA

    PGA TOUR Inc.

    Golf tours, videos, events, leaderboard



  • CollateralDNA? Service

    Insight for valuation decisions, appraisal review, GAAR Appraisal Score, BPO Score, QC vigilance, market Report


  • Search Console Web App

    Indexing status, optimize visibility of website

    Google LLC


  • Dublin, Ohio

    OCLC Online Computer Library Center Inc.

    Bibliographic, abstract and full-text information to anyone



  • RubyGems Package manager

    Guide, news


  • rent Indicator Service

    local rental markets, statistics, Netherlands, Germany, Spain


  • Holobuilder Web Application

    Progress documentation, project management, 360? image technology


  • Potsdam

    Flightright Service

    air passenger claims management


  • Duesseldorf

    helpcheck GmbH service


  • Darmstadt

    Merck KGaA

    Liquid crystals, life science and performance chemicals, over-the-counter medicines, small molecules and biopharmaceuticals



  • FlightStats Services

    Flight tracker, airport delays, reports, data, airline, airport


  • Base7booking Web Application

    Property management, reservation booking process



  • Copenhagen

    Music For Dreams Label

    balearic and electronic to beautiful ambient music

    Music Production


  • Drip Web Application


  • London

    Boiler Room Limited

    online music broadcasting platform, live music sessions



  • Frederiksberg

    Famly ApS Software

    nursery management, to simplify administration, planning, app, platform, free demo


  • Wistia Web Application

    Interactive elements, video SEO, thumbnails


  • Storybook Web Application

    UI Development Environment


  • Mountain View

    Y Combinator LLC

    Startup accelerator



  • Wordpress software

    service, company


  • Frame.io Web Application



  • InLoox

    outlook, OnPremise, SaaS, Web app

    InLoox GmbH


  • London

    Deloitte LLP

    Audit Tax Management consulting, Financial advisory Risk advisory Legal

    Service, Consulting


  • Apache Maven software

    build automation


  • Composer Software

    Managing dependencies of software and libraries


  • Surrey, England

    Mercian Hockey Ltd.

    Sticks, goalkeeping equipment, accessories



  • Dashlane Software

    Password Manager


  • The Hotels Network Software

    Help hotels to gain customers online, conversion, retargeting, personalization


  • billomat

    free trial

    Billomat GmbH & Co. KG


  • London

    DeepMind Technologies Ltd.



  • Cliqz


    Cliqz GmbH


  • Zhuzhou

    CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Ltd.

    Electric locomotive



  • Openstack Software

    Cloud management platform, compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter, managed through a dashboard


  • Vic, Australia

    Gryphon LTD18

    Outdoor and indoor sticks, goalkeeping equipment, clothing, footwear and accessories



  • ManageIQ Software

    Cloud management platform, centralized management of various virtualization, private cloud, public cloud, containers, and software defined networking technologies


  • doctorly

    doctorly GmbH


  • New York

    Liquidnet Marketplace

    Connect asset managers and investors, global institutional dark pool trading network


  • Google Web designer Software

    Online advertising, build interactive, responsive ads


  • Eclipse IDE

    free 30-day trial

    Eclipse Foundation


  • Hilden

    Qiagen N.V.

    molecular diagnostics, applied testing, pharmaceutical research


  • Merksem

    Osaka Hockey NV

    Sticks, customization, online shop, tutorials



  • FollowUpThen Tool

    Reminder, productivity business


  • Flutaro

    Trip planning

    Flutaro UG


  • Kore Platform

    Bot-based messaging platform that brings individuals, teams, and business systems together in a single, streamlined interface


  • London

    Paddy Power Betfair plc

    International sports betting, gaming operator



  • Rueil-Malmaison

    Vinci S.A.

    Infrastructure and property construction, transport infrastructure concessions (motorways, tunnels, airports, bridges, energy infrastructure and services



  • Db2

    Relational database management system (RDBMS), Cloud



  • Paris

    Orange S.A.

    Fixed line telephone Mobile phone Broadband Digital television Sate