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Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) is a subbranch of Artificial Intelligence. This learning path provides an overview of ML. Further on, it discusses a typical machine learning process that includes feature engineering, choice of algorithm, etc. ....

Python Linear Algebra Calculus

Refugee Orientation Germany

Refugees arriving in Germany are facing several challenges. After the presentation of several resources that provide general orientation, this learning path supports refugees in Germany to tackle personal challenges with the goal of finding suitable education or work in Germany

German Migration Law German Language Germany


Economics generally looks at economies, markets and . After the presentation of several schools of thought, the theoretical study of Economics takes place.

Political Science Statistics

Behavioural Economics

Behavioural Economicsis an analysis that applies psychological insights into human behaviour to explain economic decision-making.



The learning path for Python starts with the basics of the language and presents different environments to execute code. Next, more in-depth courses are presented. Later, several practical applications are introduced.

Python is an essential tool for Data Science which includes Machine Learning & Data Visiualization.

Computer Science

Computer Science (CS) is an engineering discipline. The path integrates resources that present general concepts of CS.

Data Structures Algorithms Computer Programming

Data Science

This path will teach you the skills to become a Data Scientist.

Python SQL Machine Learning Data Visiualization

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Learning Paths

The ideal sequence of learning activities that drives You to reach proficiency in a topic field in the shortest time possible.


Resources usually have an informative, educational, or application character and are freely accessible.

Lifelong learning

Learning beyond a single learning path:
The taxonomy of Radix shows learning paths for follow-up, specializations and from a higher level.

Each Learning Path contains a curated list of articles, lessons, courses, applications, and projects to help you learn and practice real-world skills. Learning Paths take about 3 months to complete.
A Learning Path ensures that You are working towards an overall goal. It keeps You on track and engaged with the course content.

Learning Path Structure

Information Education Exchange Application



First Orientation

Starting content

Basic concepts

Shared information

Apply materials



Basic Materials

More information

More basic concepts

Platforms / Forums / Groups

Software, tools, web applications



Intermediate Materials


Intermediate concepts

Platforms / Forums / Groups

Software, tools, web applications



In-depth materials

Further content

In-depth concepts

Platforms / Forums / Groups

Software, tools, web applications

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